Founded in 1918, Hansen Yunken is one of Australia's leading construction companies. At Hansen Yuncken, they have a history of innovation. In 1929, they invented a suspended scaffold to replaster the domed ceiling at Melbourne’s State Library. In 1985, they converted Adelaide Railway Station into a casino while the trains were still running below. And in 2011, they managed to etch their way into the side of a peninsula on the banks of the picturesque Derwent River, giving life to the globally iconic MONA – Museum of Old and New Art.

Their mission is to expand and diversify their sector by bringing the wisdom of age and the agility of problem solving to every project they touch.

Every project requires a plan, whether it’s made of concrete and steel or people and ideas. Their plan is their value statement; the blueprint for everything they do at Hansen Yuncken – today, tomorrow and beyond.

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